Thursday, November 3, 2022 at 18:00

Enhance your impact on the world

Strategic Workshop for Entrepreneurs / Business Owners / Freelancers

Duration: up to 3 hours, depending on speed of individual and group work.

Limited space Event registration is limited to 50 participants

Taking action without a well-defined goal leads to inefficiency and potentially waste of time, energy and resources.

Your business doesn’t sleep, but it does need strategic pauses.

I invite you to take a strategic break together on the 3rd of November at Lift99 Hub to review your business development goals, crystalize your focus and to get inspired by others.

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💡 On the workshop we will:

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Speaker: Alen Leit

  • Certified Next Level Coach, Virtual Coach program by Eben Pagan
  • Certified Enneagram Master practitioner / Personality typing expert
  • International Business Administration (BBA), Marketing Specialization
  • Certified SMM Specialist / In online marketing since 2015
  • Worked as an online marketing consultant for a company with a turnover of over 25 million euro per year
  • Facilitating and participating in Masterminds since 2018
  • Consulting Entrepreneurs since 2016